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for April 27, 2014

Worship Services
9:30 AM - Chinese
11:15 AM - English
Adult Sunday Schools
9:30 AM - English
11:15 AM - Chinese
Youth Program
Children's Program
Welcome to Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston (CBCGB)! We are a church that seeks to honor God and nurture spiritual growth in our church community. Despite the word "Chinese" in our name, we welcome people of all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds.

CBCGB began more than 30 years ago when a handful of Chinese Christians gathered to worship the God of the Bible. Since then, the church has blossomed into two sizeable adult congregations (Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking) including vibrant children and youth ministries.

Our church provides a wide variety of resources for you to learn, have your questions answered, and to grow. In addition to our two Sunday services, we offer a series of informative Sunday school classes. We also encourage everyone who comes to our church regularly to find a fellowship group where more personal relationships can be developed. We also provide many opportunities to serve both within and outside the church.

Whether you have never heard of Jesus Christ or are a committed Christian, we hope that you will find a home here at CBCGB.

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